Aesthetic Dentistry Smile Analysis

In-office or At-home Smile Design Analysis For La Mesa, El Cajon, and San Diego

Are there aspects of your smile you wish were different? If you feel your smile is holding you back socially or professionally or you just wish your smile could be improved, we invite you to perform a smile makeover analysis.

A smile makeover analysis can be performed at our San Diego area office in La MEsa using advanced aesthetic dental imaging software or in the comfort of your own home.

In-office Aesthetic Dental Smile Analysis

Everyone’s smile is different – and with the computerized smile analysis in our aesthetic dentistry office in La Mesa, California, you can get a sneak peek at what your smile will look like after your smile makeover.

We invite our patients to discuss their desires for their smile with us. This discussion can include both dental health and aesthetic dental improvements. With the aid of a computer, an image of your new smile will be created based on your desires and the shape of your teeth, face, and mouth. You will leave your appointment with a picture of what your new, improved smile will look like.

At Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry, we conduct smile makeovers using a combination of aesthetic dental services including porcelain veneersteeth whitening,porcelain crowns, and more. The computerized smile analysis lets our San Diego area patients see what the results of these procedures will look like before they begin treatment.

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So what makes a world-class smile? While aesthetic dentistry can certainly be a huge factor, it ultimately comes down to the person behind the smile.

San Diego cosmetic dentist Dr. Gray explained on an interview on The Wellness Hour the different aspects that make a beautiful, world-class smile.

At-home Smile Makeover Analysis

If you want your own world-class smile, there are a number of ways to determine what you would want in a smile makeover. Below is a simple list of questions using each approach that you can do on your own in the convenience of your own home.

A smile makeover is possible with aesthetic dentistry from Dr. Jeff Gray in La Mesa, California

  1. When you smile in the mirror, do you like the way your teeth look?
  2. Do you ever put your hand up to cover your smile?
  3. Do you like your smile in photographs?
  4. Would you like to easily whiten your teeth?
  5. Do you think you show too much or too little of your teeth when you smile?
  6. Do you have any black mercury fillings that show, or any other concern you that you would like changed?
  7. Do you have old dental crowns or caps that don’t match your natural teeth or you are unhappy with?
  8. Would you like to change the way your teeth or gums are shaped?
  9. Would you like to straighten your teeth, with the Invisalign® (invisible braces) system, for that perfect smile?
  10. Are you interested in information about halitosis or bad breath?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, you may be a good candidate for aesthetic dentistry.

Get Started Today With Smile Design in La Mesa, California

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