Don’t Let Fear of The Dentist Compromise Your Oral Health in La Mesa

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If you have claustrophobia, you skip out when your friends decide to go exploring a cave. If you have acrophobia, you avoid sky diving. In either case, you can live a fulfilling life without joining in these activities. But what if you have dentophobia? This is different than the phobias mentioned previously. Since dental visits are crucial for oral health in La Mesa, it’s not smart to simply avoid dental treatment altogether, yet many individuals try to do just that. That is, until they have a problem that gets so painful they are pushed to white knuckle it through a dental visit. At that point, the process may be an extraction that could have been prevented with earlier intervention or preventative treatments.

If you suffer from severe anxiety when undergoing dental treatment, oral sedation is for you. With advancements in procedures, sedation dentistry has proven to be safe and effective. With oral conscious sedation, dentistry patients can relax or even sleep through dental treatment. The patient always elects the degree of sedation required for the procedure, so you remain in control. Different levels include:

  • Mild sedation: relaxes you while you remain conscious.
  • Moderate sedation: provides a deeper level of relaxation with partial consciousness.
  • Deep sedation: you are almost entirely unconscious but can be awakened.
  • General anesthesia: this puts you in an unconscious state from which you awake after it’s over with no memory of the procedure.

For more information on oral sedation dentistry, contact us at 619-717-8560. If you’re worried about your oral health in La Mesa, then it’s time you schedule an appointment with a professional dentist. At Jeff Gray DDS, we will provide you with a safe environment so that you can seek the treatment you need without any worries.

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Sedation Dentistry in La Mesa | When Mommy Is Scared Of The Dentist

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If you are dreading some upcoming dental treatment, you may want to consider sedation dentistry in La Mesa. First off, oral conscious sedation or sleep dentistry is perfectly safe. At Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry, we have been providing sedation dentistry in La Mesa since 1986. We offer different levels of sedation and a choice of medication including oral analgesics, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

When choosing a type of sedation, it is helpful to consider the type of anxiety you are experiencing, the specific procedure you will undergo, the length of time needed to complete the treatment, past experiences during treatment, and any complicating health troubles. Call 619-717-8560 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeff Gray to discuss your options.

Perhaps you have a dentist-wary child who needs treatment. For simple dental procedures, topical anesthetics are applied to the gums and other tissues reducing sensation. If your child requires more sedation, nitrous oxide and general anesthesia are both safe options.

Perhaps Mommy and Daddy are the ones who are anxious about their child undergoing dental work. Sorry, but we can’t sedate you while your child is being treated. However, you can take comfort in the fact that we take excellent care of our youngest patients. We make sure they are comfortable, relaxed, and understand exactly what is going to happen. Our team of child-friendly dental professionals has been putting children at ease since 1986.

Regular dental check-ups are essential for your child’s lifelong oral health, so it is important that your child has a positive experience during dental visits. If possible, don’t let your child know that you have dental anxiety. If he or she already knows, explain why your fears are unreasonable and why you are having treatment regardless of your anxiety. Show them how brave their parents can be when they want healthy teeth. Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry offers full-service dental care including teeth whitening, dentures, and Invisalign. Thanks for visiting our blog. Check back for more helpful dental information from Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry in La Mesa.

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Let Us Ease Your Dental Anxiety in La Mesa

La Mesa teeth bleaching best price Dental Anxiety in La Mesa

Are you worried about seeing the dentist? Are you worried about discussing your smile with a professional? Do you experience severe dental anxiety in La Mesa? That’s alright because we understand and we’re here to help. Settling into the reality of what you are prepared to discuss with your dentist is the first step to dental relief.

1. Talk To Us:
Whether you want to move forward with teeth whitening or have dentures implanted, call now to schedule an informative and pressure-free consultation. If you’re nervous about Invisalign or in denial about the need for laser dentistry or porcelain veneers, the reality is that Dr. Jeff Gray has been meeting with patients since 1986 in La Mesa, California. Our practice, Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry, has been here and will continue to be here for you when you’re ready to meet with us.

2. Choose a Dentist:

The next step is making a choice. As you sift through the choices and choose the right dentist in La Mesa, California keep in mind that Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry offers competitive pricing and affordable options. We see patients throughout the Santee, Alpine, Jamul areas with pleasure and look forward to treating your dental concerns with accuracy, gentleness, and expert care.

3. Go Forward with Confidence:
The final step to relief is just smiling. Don’t let dental anxiety in La Mesa prevent you from feeling confident in your own smile. We’d like to tell you more about dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, and overcoming dental anxiety in La Mesa. Our team is convinced that you’ll walk out the door with a confident smile. Schedule an appointment with us today!

We Bring Smiles To Life 

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Sedation Dentistry: Whatever Works

At Jeff Gray DDS in La Mesa, we know that some patients get nervous when the time comes for another dentist appointment. And that’s why we offer sedation dentistry. We want to be sure that everyone get the treatment they need.

Millions of people across the United States cope with dental anxiety. In some people, it is so bad they skip the dentist altogether. That puts their dental health at risk.

Sedation dentistry relaxes you, so that you’ll feel at ease during your procedure. We use it in addition to the local anesthesia that numbs your teeth and gums as we work on them.

If you’re among the millions of people inclined to skip the dentist due to anxiety or fear, call us to learn about the different levels of sedation dentistry that are available. Each one is safe and effective. Find out what works best for you.

At Jeff Gray DDS in La Mesa, we also provide general dentistry, and treat issues like sleep apnea. Call us today for schedule an appointment.

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Overcoming Anxiety With Gentle Dental

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Dental anxiety and dental phobia affect many people, including patients at Jeff Gray DDS  in La Mesa. Today’s post answers some questions asked about this vital topic.

What are the long-term consequences of dental anxiety and dental phobia?
The most harmful consequence is when a dental phobic patient delays dental care until a pain becomes excruciating. At this point, the trouble is usually extremely advanced and requires extensive treatment.

In addition, there are usually many other dental problems in varying stages of progression. Many oral conditions eventually cause malfunction in other vital systems risking general health and well-being.

There is also another anxiety at play, albeit a very ironic one. In addition to the emotional distress about dental treatment, the patient who avoids dental care starts panicking about the sorry condition of their teeth.

If I have dental phobia or anxiety, what should I do to guard my oral health?

Schedule an appointment with Jeff Gray DDS in La Mesa. There are several individual fears associated with dental anxiety and dental phobia. Fear of pain, fear of the unknown, fear of loss of control, and extreme embarrassment because of poor dental health are the most prevalent concerns. During your consultation, we will address each of your specific fears and discuss them.

What if I need more help to get through treatment?
The terms “sleep dentistry” and “oral conscious sedation” are both used, but they are not exactly the same thing. There are three main types of sedation used in dentistry.

Level 1: Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide, or, informally, “laughing gas” is safe and effective. Nitrous oxide has been used in La Mesa cosmetic dental offices for decades because in many ways it is the prime mild sedative. It goes to work at the first inhalation, relaxes the patient during the treatment without rendering them completely unconscious, and wears off quickly after the mask is removed. And no needles are required – a key feature for the needle-phobic.

Level 2: Oral Conscious Sedation
Oral sedatives don’t start working as rapidly as nitrous oxide, but they help most patients achieve a deeper level of relaxation. These medications, however, do not usually bring about complete unconsciousness. Thus, oral sedatives and nitrous oxide are used in “conscious” sedation. Two common sedatives used by La Mesa dentists to assuage patient’s fears are diazepam and triazolam.

Level 3: IV Sedation
IV sedation produces actual “sleep dentistry.” Most patients are completely oblivious to the dental procedures they are receiving. IV sedation is useful for root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, multi-procedure smile makeovers, and oral surgery.

To learn more about overcoming sedation dentistry, call Jeff Gray DDS. We also provide general and cosmetic dentistry.

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Are You At Risk For Bone Recession?

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We all know that a healthy smile requires decay-free teeth and healthy gums, but how often do we appreciate our jaw bone? Our teeth need a strong firm foundation to remain healthy and beautiful.

Today’s post looks at bone recession. Occasionally, a patient experiences bone recession in their jaw which can cause tooth loss and other issues. However, it is typically the other way around. The bone loss occurs as a result of a lost tooth because the blood supply and stimulus needed for maintaining healthy bone is taken away.

Let’s look at the most common causes of jaw bone recession:

Extracted Teeth
Bone is living tissue and needs stimulation to stay healthy and retain its size and density. Biting, chewing, talking and all the other normal mouth functions keep the portion of the bone surrounding the tooth root healthy. When a tooth is extracted, the bone that used to anchor the tooth root recedes as if it understands that it is no longer needed. A dental implant provides stimulation similar to the natural tooth and can prevent bone recession.

Gum Infection
A gum infection can result when gum inflammation goes untreated and progresses to periodontitis. With periodontitis, the gums pull away from the teeth creating pockets which provide the perfect breeding ground for the detrimental infection.

Gum infections can advance undetected, though there are usually warning signs. Swollen, painful gums, loose teeth, and gums that bleed when brushed are symptoms of periodontitis. The infection dissolves bone as the gums pull away from the tooth. Inadequate oral hygiene increase the risk of gum disease but other factors can compromise gum health. These include smoking (no surprise here), hormone levels, diseases that lower immune system effectiveness, medications that cause dry mouth, and genetic predisposition.

Abscessed Tooth
An abscess is a pus-filled pocket of infection that occurs in the nerve and roots of a tooth. As the infection attacks the tooth and bone tissue it creates a space that fills with pus. There are several treatments for a tooth abscess including antibiotics to kill the infection, a root canal, or extraction, if necessary.

If you would like to replace a missing tooth with an implant, but don’t have enough bone at the implant site, you might be a candidate for bone grafting. Bone grafting may sound like major oral surgery but it is really a routine procedure performed in a dental office.

I am Dr. Jeff Gray of Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry in La Mesa. If you have experienced bone recession due to gum disease, an abscess, an extracted tooth, or any other reason, let’s talk about your options. You may benefit from a dental implant, soft tissue grafts, or bone grafts. Dental implants can significantly improve your quality of life and prevent further recession. Call 619-717-8560 to make an appointment for an informative exam and consultation.

I pride myself in the personal attention and trusted dental care I provide to each of my patients. I understand that visiting a dentist can cause anxiety for some people. I promise you that you will feel comfortable in my care and leave the appointment with accurate information and an individualized treatment plan.


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You Won’t Be Out Cold (Unless You Want To Be!)

Sedation Dentistry Santee

Does your heart start pounding at the mere thought of having a cavity filled? Do you get sweaty palms when you drive by any Santee cosmetic dental practice?

Many La Mesa residents who have improved their smile with cosmetic dentistry chose to use sedation. Though the terms “sleep dentistry” and “oral conscious sedation” are often used interchangeably, they are not identical. There are three main types of sedation used in dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide
The first level uses nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas” as it is sometimes called. Nitrous oxide has been used in La Mesa cosmetic dental offices for generations because it is safe and effective. It goes to work at the first inhalation and relaxes the patient during the procedure, but it wears off quickly after the mask is pulled off. If you need a little help to get through dental treatment, but you don’t want to be knocked out cold, nitrous may be your best option.

Oral Conscious Sedation
Oral sedatives don’t start working as quickly as nitrous oxide, but they help most patients achieve a deeper level of tranquility. These medications, however, do not usually produce complete unconsciousness. Thus, oral sedatives and nitrous oxide are used in “conscious” sedation. Two common sedatives used by Santee dentists are diazepam and triazolam.

IV Sedation
IV sedation uses medications similar to those used in surgery and results in true “sleep dentistry.” Most patients are completely oblivious to what is going on in their mouth. IV sedation is often used for procedures such as root canals, wisdom teeth extractions and multi-procedure smile makeovers.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, adult braces, tooth implants, or porcelain veneers, call Jeff Gray DDS at (619) 717-8560.

Sedation Dentistry In La Mesa For Kids And Parents

Sedation Dentistry In San Diego For Kids And Parents

At Jeff Gray DDS we know that many La Mesa children fear going to the dentist. I am Jeff Gray and my staff and I at Jeff Gray DDS want to make your child’s first visit to my La Mesa practice a positive experience. Regular dental check-ups from toddler age are an essential part of oral hygiene.

California parents can follow these guidelines to help prepare their child for a dental visit.

1. Talk about the exam with your child. Answer any questions with uncomplicated answers.
2. Don’t share your bad dental experiences with your child.
3. Don’t imply that the exam will be painful.
4. Help your child understand that this is an important part of staying healthy.
5. Don’t offer a reward for visiting the dentist.

It is important for parents to make sure they aren’t anxious about La Mesa dental visits because children can sense their stress.

At Jeff Gray DDS we have been treating children and adults since 1986. Our professional, friendly staff can calm the nerves of a fearful child and help them have a gentle dental experience.

If you or your La Mesa child has had a bad dental experience or is unable to stay calm while visiting the dentist, ask us about sedation dentistry. We want all of our patients to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving excellent dental care.

For simple dental procedures topical anesthetics are applied to the gums and other tissues reducing oral sensation. If you require more sedation, nitrous oxide and general anesthesia are safe solutions.

Jeff Gray DDS also offers complete smile makeovers which may include dental implants, teeth whitening, dental veneers, or any other cosmetic dental procedures required. All of these can be done with some type of sedation if required.

Don’t let your fears or your child’s fears keep your child from having a beautiful, healthy smile. Contact Jeff Gray DDS today!

Help Me San Diego; I'm Afraid Of The Dentist!

Sedation Dentistry San Diego If you are afraid of your San Diego cosmetic dentist, you are not alone. At Jeff Gray DDS, we encounter many nervous first-time San Diego dental patients. How do we calm their fears, provide a comfortable dental environment and earn lifelong clients?

1) We carefully explain the findings of the initial dental examination and thoroughly outline any recommended procedures. The consultation also includes a discussion about pain control including oral conscious sedation dentistry medications. This allows our San Diego dentistry clients to make informed decisions about their oral health and necessary dental procedures.

2) Dr. Jeff Gray practices gentle, pain-free dentistry. San Diego cosmetic dentistry treatment will not begin until you are numb. Keep in mind, however, that every dentistry patient reacts to numbing agents and sedation medications differently.

Speak up quickly if you start to feel discomfort. We will pause treatment, administer additional analgesic and wait until it takes effect. At Jeff Gray DDS, we never rush cosmetic dental or restorative procedures.

We will do our best to make you comfortable, whether you are receiving dental veneers, undergoing crown-lengthening treatment, having your teeth whitened, or replacing your old silver fillings.

3) We provide many in-office amenities at Jeff Gray DDS which help our dental patients focus on something pleasant during cosmetic dental treatment. Not every San Diego dental patient chooses sedation dentistry. Sometimes chemical-free diversions such as listening to your favorite music provide a diversion while letting you remain clear-headed.

At Jeff Gray DDS, we understand dental anxiety and will help you overcome it. We are located at 8555 Fletcher Pkwy Ste 102 in La Mesa, 91942.

To schedule a friendly consultation, call 619-717-8560 or visit

Keeping Dental Patients Comfortable in La Mesa

Sedation Dentistry La Mesa

Pain isn’t fun. Your La Mesa dentist knows this, and that is why the dental team at Jeff Gray DDS have made patient comfort a top priority. In conjunction with creating a relaxing environment, your dentist has various medications that can reduce and even eliminate pain associated with different dental procedures to give you a more enjoyable experience.

Some of the most common pain-relieving medications used in La Mesa cosmetic dentist offices and around the country are topical anesthetics. These are swabbed directly onto mouth tissue so they only numb the very surface layers. Topical anesthetics can reduce the pain of mouth sores, or they can be applied to prepare the mouth for an injection.

Local anesthetics are injected into mouth tissue (usually the gums) to block the nerve sensations to specific areas of the mouth. La Mesa area dentists numb the mouth in this way before filling cavities, treating gum disease, or before certain cosmetic dentistry procedures.

More involved dental procedures may necessitate the need for nitrous oxide or even general anesthesia. Ask us about sedation dentistry and oral conscious sedation.

It is very common for your dentist to recommend an over the counter analgesic to relieve pain after a dental visit. These medications include aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen.

Because your La Mesa cosmetic dentist will most likely use a pain reliever during the dental visit or prescribe something for you to take after the treatment, make sure you jot down a complete list of medications you are taking, including herbal supplements, before each appointment.

I’m Dr. Jeff Gray and I want La Mesa residents to be informed about their dental care, especially as it pertains to pain relief during dental treatment. If you are in the La Mesa area and are looking for quality dental care, please contact my office today at 619-717-8560. Our friendly and professional staff would be happy to talk to you about sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and the other services we offer.

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