Tooth Whitening and Your Dentist

Tooth whitening has become one of the most popular dental procedures in California. It seems that everyone in La Mesa is whitening their teeth to help their smiles look younger and brighter. Many consumers in the area are turning to over-the-counter solutions to whiten their teeth, however their can be dangers and pitfalls to this approach.

Here is some basic advice on tooth whitening from cosmetic dentist Jeff Gray DDS:

First, we encourage you to visit our office in La Mesa before starting a tooth whitening system. It is a good idea to have your teeth checked and analyzed before starting a tooth whitening program. Tooth whitening is not for everyone, and depends on your dental history.

There are many pitfalls to be aware of when whitening your teeth. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products available in the La Mesa area will provide varying degrees of effectiveness on your teeth. If used improperly, tooth whitening solutions can cause problems including tooth sensitivity, over whitening, damage to your tooth enamel, and irregular coloration. Whitening too much can even have a reverse effect, making your teeth look gray.

Doctor Gray at Jeff Gray DDS can help you determine whether your teeth can be whitened safely and effectively. We can also recommend tooth whitening solutions that will work best for you. Our professional Zoom teeth whitening treatment might be right for you!  Jeff Gray DDS is a good place to start for this important decision.

Our cosmetic dentistry office is located at 8555 Fletcher Parkway #102, La Mesa, CA , La Mesa, California 91942. Please give us a call or stop by to make an appointment to discuss your tooth whitening plans. We are eager to help you make the best decision about your tooth whitening.

Our friendly and professional is available to discuss tooth whitening solutions, explain tooth whitening options, and check your teeth to make sure you will get the tooth whitening results you want.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful bright smile.

— Dr. Jeff Gray, tooth whitening for the La Mesa community. Call us at 619-337-7700.

Whiter Teeth for La Mesa

Whiter Teeth for La Mesa Teeth whitening has become very popular in La Mesa, California as an easy way to change your smile with little effort and no pain.

Jeff Gray DDS can help you understand your options for teeth whitening, and can help you understand the results you may expect from various teeth whitening options.

Over the counter whitening products can give varied results, with most customers feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with their over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions.

Your professional La Mesa, California dentist can help you whiten your teeth effectively, with professional results using Zoom whitening. If you are ready to try a teeth whitening product, please give us a call, or come into our cosmetic dental practice, and let us share with you the options available and the results you should expect.

– Dr. Jeff Gray 619-337-7700

What is 'Crown Lengthening'?

gummy smile surgery Perfect smiles created by cosmetic dentist Jeff Gray DDS often require crown lengthening.

Crown lengthening surgery is a safe and effective procedure that exposes more of the visible part of the tooth. Some clients undergo crown lengthening surgery at Jeff Gray DDS to alter their gummy smile.

A gummy smile refers to upper teeth that appear too short because excess bone and soft tissue covers part of the teeth. When a gummy smile is eliminated, our patients can’t believe how it changes their whole face. They love their new smile which reveals pleasing, symmetrical portions of their upper teeth.

Sometimes, a client needs crown lengthening because of tooth fracture. When a tooth breaks at the gum line or a crown is fractured, crown lengthening makes tooth structure accessible for the necessary restoration without having to put in a dental implant .

Digital imaging is one of the technological tools that helps San Diego advanced cosmetic dental professionals perform crown lengthening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. When a San Diego cosmetic dentist has a highly-detailed, 3-D image of tooth and bone structure, he/she is able to achieve the precision necessary to design smiles to the patient’s exact specifications.  If you are scared to visit the dentist or receive this procedure, sedation dentistry might be the answer for you.

If you are seeking a dental smile makeover and live in the San Diego area, schedule a smile consultation by calling 619-337-7700. We are conveniently located at 8555 Fletcher Parkway #102, La Mesa, CA. When you come in, we can show you photos of California cosmetic dentistry clients who are enjoying their dazzling smile.

Advanced Dentistry in La Mesa

The world of dentistry continues to advance at a rapid pace. If you have visited a La Mesa dentist in the past few years, you have probably noticed the things that make your visit more comfortable, such as the ability to watch TV or listen to music while receiving treatment. Many San Diego dentistry patients welcome oral conscious sedation to reduce or eliminate pain.

What may not be as obvious are the advances in techniques, tools and materials. Top La Mesa dentists now use digital computer imaging which is safer than traditional x-rays. Dental technicians can store, retrieve and transmit digital images much easier than was possible with traditional x-ray film.

Advanced Dentistry in La Mesa

The use of lasers has also changed the face of dentistry. Laser surgery requires less anesthesia, minimizes swelling, and protects surrounding tissue. San Diego family dentists use lasers for detecting and treating cavities and dental technicians use them for the curing of restorative materials.

and dental technicians use them for the curing of restorative materials.

Another exciting development in cosmetic dentistry is the CAD-CAM technology that allows Santee cosmetic dentists to perform restorations in a single visit. The types of procedures that can be completed in one visit include crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays and veneers.

If you need a thorough exam or want to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, Jeff Gray DDS at 619-337-7700 to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, you can see before and after photos of some of our smile makeover clients. We would love to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, and we have the tools, experience and technology to make that happen.

Dr. Jeff Gray