General Dentistry

Great Dental Hygiene In San Diego

General dentistry helps you maintain good oral health and hygiene. A good dentist will also work to prevent and treat conditions of the mouth before they lead to unpleasant circumstances.

At our San Diego dentist office in La Mesa, we go a step further, by using lab technology to help us rule out the possibility of more complicated dental hygiene issues. If problems are found, we provide early detection treatment to quickly return your mouth to its normal, healthy state.

General Dentistry Services

This listing will give you an idea of some of the procedures that fall under the category of general dentistry at our office:

Dental Hygiene Appointments. The most important part of decay prevention are the normal teeth cleanings and general check-ups, usually scheduled twice a year.

Periodontal Care. Periodontal care is therapy for the gums. At our La Mesa office, we offer modern home care alternatives, like the Oxyfresh™ Hydromagnetic Irrigator for healthy gums. This device complements all the work you do to keep your teeth clean and white. What’s more, we’re happy to know that good periodontal health helps keep a healthy heart, as scientific studies have linked periodontal disease with heart disease.

Gum Disease Treatment. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, can eventually result in the loss of multiple teeth. This is due to the bacteria found in the hard deposits, or tartar, that form on the teeth when dental hygiene is not properly maintained. These bacteria attack the gums, which can become inflamed and bleed frequently. The first step in dealing with gum disease is usually the removal of the tartar by a qualified dentist. Then solutions are prescribed to restore the health of the gums and help prevent recurrence.

Services: Porcelain Veneers, Smile Makeover, Sedation, Tetracycline Staining

"I feel like now I have a really nice smile."

Sarah had tetracycline treatments as a child. As a result, stained and discolored teeth were an everyday part of life.

Jeff Gray, DDS helped her discover that it did not always have to be that way. With the professional care and excellence that Dr. Gray has become known for, Sarah was given a brand new start on her teeth, and now she can’t stop smiling.


High-quality general dentistry is the most important tool you have for the prevention of mild to severe decay-related issues that could affect your teeth and gums. Call us today, at 619-337-7700, and let us help you maintain your oral health if you are in the San Diego area, from La Mesa to El Cajon.

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