Cosmetic Dentistry Concerns – Longevity

If you bought a new car and asked the salesperson how long it would last, what would they say? Longevity of a car would depend on such things as your driving habits, maintenance, and numerous other factors.

When considering porcelain dentistry such as smile design, people often ask, “How long will these restorations last?” This is a difficult question to answer accurately, due to the fact that the longevity of man-made dental work depends on many factors such as diet, bite, habits (i.e. nail-biting, clenching, grinding), and home care. The best way to reply to this question is to tell you that we consider these restorations to be long-term and durable.

Some cosmetic dentists predict that they will last 15 years or more. Dr. Gray has been doing veneers for nearly 20 years, and some of them still look very nice. It speaks volumes to know that many dentists have come to Dr. Gray to have their smiles enhanced with porcelain restorations.

We understand that this level of dental work is an investment, and we intend to make that investment a good one for you.