No Shot Dental Fillings

Ultra-Conservative Microdentistry (DRILL-FREE DENTISTRY) In San Diego

Our “Soft Prep,” NO SHOT, NO DRILLING, Filling Machine has been met with rave reviews at our San Diego dentist practice! It can be used for small to medium size cavities on the chewing surfaces (the most common place they occur). The technology allows us to gently “spray away” the decay on your teeth, using a fine stream of microscopic abrasive particles (similar to those found in toothpaste whiteners). 98% of the time you don’t need anesthetic. NO SHOTS!


  • No irritating noise – First of all, the laser works quitely. The only sound you may hear aside from the clicking as it operates, is a slight crackling as the laser beam does its work.
  • Reduced bleeding – When used to treat gum disease, the dental laser actually cauterizes blood vessels and virtually eliminates bleeding, reducing the chance of infection.
  • Ongoing protection – Many dental problems are caused by the presence of destructive bacteria. The laser’s ability to reduce the level of bacteria makes it an excellent tool for treating dental disease.
  • Greater conservation of health tissue – The laser’s precision allows your dentist to perform dental procedures with less destruction to healthy tissue.
  • Earlier interception of disease – The nature of the laser light also lets your dentist treat emerging dental problems earlier than ever before.

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