Sedation Dentistry

Wake Up to a New Smile with Dental Sedation in La Mesa, California

No matter the level of fear or anxiety you may feel when you think about going to the dentist, Dr. Gray or Dr. Hurtado can help you have a pleasant dental experience.

Dr. Gray has received extensive special training to become a sedation dentist and is among the leaders in the US in using dental sedation. Only 1% of the dentists in the country are qualified in conscious dental sedation, and patients come from all over Southern California to San Diego to be treated by Dr. Gray using this comfortable, safe and effective system.

We are happy to give you any information you need to help you feel at ease thinking about sedation dentistry. Please take the time to look at our specialized sedation dentistry website if you would like more specific information about our various sedation dentistry services.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

“He took me, someone who was afraid to go to the dentist, afraid of every aspect of the dentist, didn’t even like the smell of the dentist office, and completely erased that fear.”
– Randy

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful way to help people who have a fear of the dentist to receive the dental care they need. The patient will take a prescribed pill orally before coming to the sedation dentist’s office and will then be relaxed and comfortable during their entire dental visit. The qualified sedation dentist like Dr. Gray will then be able to perform the needed dental care. The patient can still respond to the sedation dentist, but will not feel any pain and will remember little or nothing of the experience. The patient feels almost as if he/she were asleep, so many people call dental sedation “sleep dentistry“.

The medicine that Dr. Gray or Dr. Hurtado prescribes as a sedation dentist is called Triazolam. It is a small blue pill taken about 1 hour before your visit. This tablet has been prescribed over 10 million times per year, by physicians, for patient’s use at home. This dental sedation drug has almost no side effects or interaction with other medicines you may currently be taking. A qualified sedation dentist like Dr. Gray or Dr. Hurtado will also constantly monitor the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels during dental sedation.

What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry allows you to comfortably undergo everything from a simple cleaning to extensive treatment. For those with severe dental anxiety, dental sedation can be the answer to receiving the dental care you need.

One of the additional benefits of dental sedation is that the medicine has an amnesia quality which for most patients, tends to prevent almost any memory of the visit. It is sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry” because of this and its other pleasant effects.

So here is a quick list of some of the benefits of oral conscious sedation:

  • Calms those with even the most intense dental phobia
  • Makes dental visits relaxing and even enjoyable
  • Helps those who have put off dental work to get the care they need
  • Enhances effectiveness of anesthetic.
  • Decreases gagging
  • Reduces joint and muscle soreness
  • Allows more treatment to be provided in a shorter time, which could decrease total number of visits
  • Blocks the memory so patients remember little or nothing regarding the procedures performed by the sedation dentist

And amazingly, sedation dentistry can also reduce or eliminate the pain associated with dental procedures.

Some Questions Frequently Asked of a Sedation Dentist

How Long Does Dental Sedation Last?

For most patients, the effects of dental sedation last between 2-4 hours, so we require you to have someone drive you home.

I’ve Heard It Called Sleep Dentistry. Am I Really Asleep?

We call it sleep dentistry because most patients do tend to fall asleep. However you can still respond to verbal commands. Even the most apprehensive patients have been ecstatic with the results.

How Safe is Sedation Dentistry?

conscious sedation dentistry La Mesa and El CajonWe constantly monitor each patient with a computerized pulse oximeter, which measures heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation.

We also have a reversal agent on hand that reverses the effect of the sedation medicine in less than 30 seconds. We have treated over 5000 patients safely and comfortably. We are caring for patients everyday in our San Diego area office using this safe comfortable and relaxing conscious sedation method. It’s a blessing for our patients.

Patient Testimonials of Concscious Sedation

Here’s what a few of our patients had to say about their sleep dentistry experiences…

Dear Dr. Gray,

I was ashamed and embarrassed to seek care for my teeth because fear had kept me out of a dentist’s office for over 20 years. I actually called some dentists and explained my phobia and was told that they could not help me. I would hear ads about Jeff Gray DDS, but having never placed much credibility in radio ads, I ignored them. Finally, I decided to e-mail Jeff Gray DDS – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry. Within 24 hours I received a kind, gently encouraging response from Dr. Gray. I called and went in (with my husband) for a consultation. Dr. Gray and Carla were wonderful. They were reassuring and compassionate. I did not feel as crazy and embarrassed as I had before I walked in their office. After 20 years, obviously I needed quite a bit of work done. In two visits I was finished! I took their “sleep pills” 60 minutes before each visit and slept through all of the work. By taking the sleep pills I may not have totally conquered my phobia, but I consider the pills a tool to help me get through something that is necessary for my physical well being. The staff is understanding and they, along with Dr. Gray, follow up with phone calls to make sure that everything is OK. It’s a 90 mile round trip for me but it is worth it. I still can’t believe that I actually went back to the dentist! Thank you, Dr. Gray and Carla! Thanks again for everything.
Luanne S (Encinitas, California)

“Thanks, I’m delirious (I think I was)”

“Thanks for making my root canal visit a time I’ll never remember. I don’t even remember a scene from the movie. It was great. I appreciate your care and concern.”

“After my visit I went home, slept for an hour and then went shopping with my daughter. Truly amazing.”

“I can’t believe I slept through the whole thing.”

“You have changed my life and given me back my youthful smile. I can’t thank you enough. I’m telling all my friends and I’m not scared anymore…Just wonderful!”

If you would like to relax comfortably while receiving dental care, sedation dentistry may be right for you. Come visit San Diego sedation dentist Dr. Jeff Gray and learn more about dental sedation. Contact our office in La Mesa, California today or fill in the form on this page and we will contact you.

If you are looking for more detailed explanations about the sedation dentistry procedures that Dr. Jeff Gray and Dr. Greg Hurtado bring to the San Diego area, schedule your appointment today. We want to give you peace of mind when making the decision to pursue sedation dentistry with us if you are in the San Diego area, from La Mesa to El Cajon!

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