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Does anyone in your family suffer from snoring, or sleep apnea? If your answer is yes, you’re certainly not alone. People all across America deal with the negative side effects of sleep disorders, which can result in feeling unrested and less productive over time. Bad sleep caused by sleep disorders often can even result in a number of wide ranging symptoms, including:

  • Increased irritability
  • Restlessness
  • High blood pressure
  • Feelings of fatigue, even though you slept
  • Wheezing and gasping during sleep
  • Memory loss, or general forgetfulness
  • Mood swings and mood changes
  • Frequently waking up during sleep
  • Decreased ability to handle stress
  • Increased feelings lethargy and lack of productivity

If you or a member of your family suffer from these symptoms – especially if there are combinations of them – there is a chance you are struggling with a snoring or sleep apnea that could be helped with snoring or sleep apnea treatment. As part of our commitment to providing compassionate care that emphasizes your overall health, we offer snoring and sleep apnea treatment services that can help you and your family in your quest for better rest.

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For snoring and sleep apnea one of the most effective treatments available is a snoring mouthguard. In many cases, snoring and sleep apnea are caused by decreased airflow. A snoring mouthguard works to remedy decreased airflow by gently moving the mouth to where it needs to rest for proper breathing. Dr. Jeff Gray and his San Diego dentist team offer high quality snoring mouthguards designed to provide effective and comfortable treatment so that you can get the rest that you deserve.

We are thrilled to be able to offer sleep apnea treatment and love to help putting an end to discomfort caused by snoring and sleep apnea for our patients and their families. Have questions for us about sleep apnea treatment or snoring treatments available? Get in touch with our team today if you are in the San Diego area, including La Mesa and El Cajon! For more detailed information about our sleep apnea treatments, please visit our sleep apnea website!